Fort progress

We finally got started on building the fort. And since we got started it has basically rained everyday including the day we actually worked on it.

First step was digging the holes for concrete footings. Brett rented a burly two man auger. The”man” is important here. It didn’t say person, so what could a girl do but watch Brett and his dad, Dan, manhandle the crazy hole digging auger. As a bystander it seemed pretty slick. We went from no holes to seriously deep holes in record time. I really do prefer hobbies without the risk of dismembering. Even if the risk is slight…

Gideon thoroughly enjoyed throwing dirt into the holes, because why not?

We first set out to mix the cement with Dan’s hammer drill. Turns out the drill was not a fan of the hard labor. It went from smoking to shooting flames in quick succession. After a quick trip to my folks to borrow their wheelbarrow, we mixed the cement by hand. I am using the term we loosely. Mostly Brett and Dan. We were scrambling to get the cement in before the rain. We got 3 out of 4 footings in before it started pouring. We then set up a fancy bucket and tarp system so as not to ruin our new still wet footings.

Brett and I finished the last footing another day. This time I actually did some work.

A week or so later we put all the posts into the brackets. Getting those little buggers level was a real treat. When it comes to eyeballing level I consider myself above par. But with two different slopes it was a bit of a doozy even with a real level.


This is where we are at now. See all the rainbows. Magic right? I mean it looks so close to complete!

Next steps include: actually building the fort. We have found there are some serious advantages to dragging our feet when we really have no clue what we are doing.

Take for example the joists for the floor. Most people would probably do some research see what type of wood to buy. Nope. I sent Brett with two crazy poorly slept children to buy boards that barely fit in the van. Turns out knowing they should be treated and nothing else may not have led to buying the correct wood.

But the bright side? We have only unloaded them from the van. It’s not like we have to tear apart what we already built. We can exchange them.

I am now beginning to see why projects truly take us forever.

  • Step 1. Think about how much we don’t know
  • Step 2. Argue with Brett about the minute details of the project of which I know nothing about
  • Step 3. Decide we should really move on to the next step of attaching joists to build the floor for the fort
  • Step 4. Do no research
  • Step 5. Purchase lots of really long boards
  • Step 6. Talk to people who actually know whats what and realize you bought the wrong boards
  • Step 7. Return wrong boards
  • Step 8. Buy right boards

I could see where you might get to thinking maybe if we switched the order of some of the steps we could eliminate some steps… Hindsight is 20/20.

So that’s where we are Step 6. I’m going to guess winter is our hard deadline. Let’s hope we can eliminate some extra steps and make some progress, cause the kids aren’t really buying that the fort is almost done 😉



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