So much progress that we are on the verge of an identity crisis.

We are right on the verge of over-delivering.

We started just over a month ago. This is on track to be one of the biggest projects we have ever undertaken and the fastest. I may very well lose all four of you. We could simply become no longer relatable.

I know those people. I actually got a couple I’m related to. The kind that like projects. The kind of crazy people that say things like “I don’t feel good about the day or like I’ve accomplished anything unless I do projects.” Not me. I can feel accomplished doing little to nothing.

There was some serious risk in taking on this project. Our usual motivator of it’s-getting-awful-annoying-to-have-a-toilet-a-tub-and-a-vanity in our living room, just isn’t there. The project is outside, can you ever really get annoyed enough with random wood lying around outside to motivate progress? I mean sure there is the risk of becoming dumpy neighbors, but with one neighbor that has a farm of cockleburs for a backyard and another who mows only the outside edge of his yard… That still leaves us with a considerable amount of time to let the project linger.

Maybe it’s the threat of winter, or maybe it’s because of the day I accidentally took Brett’s work computer with me to Minneapolis, leaving him with an unexpected day off work, but we don’t really recognize ourselves.

Since we last checked in, we have finished up the framing of the other two walls and the roof.

First up is the roof/wall that will be the climbing wall side of the fort.IMG_20170912_191030351

Luckily Brett’s dad had done most of the thinking for this part so we could really just execute the task. Leaning into our strengths really. You’ll notice there was no shortage of angle cuts. Luckily for us we hate math, fractions and angles.

The slope of the hill made things a little extra tricky.


After building the initial structure we went back through and blocked. Which just means adding support and strength to the structure. The horizontal pieces of wood in between the long vertical boards beef it up to support the weight of kiddos climbing.

And shucks, this is just the boys being cute. Gideon promised he was looking at the camera for the picture. Weird how trippy pictures can be, since it totally looks like he is looking somewhere else.


Here is the front wall all framed out. This perspective is from inside the fort, looking toward the front door.



Now you may be thinking to yourself that seems like a relatively small door considering the size of the average American. You’d be right. Now it’s hard to say for sure, since we haven’t completed that part yet, but I’m pretty sure a beached whale approach would get you in. Assuming you enjoy entering places belly first. Which let’s be honest who doesn’t? After taking that into consideration, we have decided to add a more normal sized door on the wall to the left.

Remember this wall, from last time? This faces the street and to the right is the above picture with the hobbit door entrance. We plan to add a door on this side. It would be more like 5 feet tall and could be entered with more of a head/shoulder dip. We want to side it and make it not terribly obvious that it’s a door. Like a secret. Only not since I just told you and made it even less secret with a paint addition that clearly labels the door.

door pic

Here is the hobbit entrance from the outside looking in. This captures a bit of the magic of entering in through the bushes. The bushes have made it obnoxious at times to get around and build, but are what make it feel hidden and magical.


This little entrance was tricky to configure. Really to work around some of the larger branches we couldn’t make it much taller or wider and still allow for a door to swing out. I’m still dreaming of a living moss roof on this little overhang over the door.


Our next steps are plexiglass windows and plywood for the roof. Anyone with a killer idea for a roof material that is waterproof, not blazing hot, and not super scratchy for our climbing wall part of the roof?

See you next time!


1 thought on “So much progress that we are on the verge of an identity crisis.”

  1. Well I am wondering what type of material the ‘climbing roof’ is going to be made out of.
    I’m sure that the boys are ready for the project to get going so Levi can have his ‘weapon box’ and ‘trash can’ in the fort.
    Keep writing, this has been fun to read.


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