Setbacks on the way to the bare bones finish line…

We are nearing the bare bones finish line. The finish line that means leaving no major holes for our squirrel to hole up in the fort for the winter. At times I will jokingly refer to the squirrel and bunnies who live in our yard as our pets. I try to convince the kiddos that not only are our pets happy living their best life outdoors, we get to enjoy them while we are inside looking out the window and while playing outside alongside them. Who can forget how much fun it was the time the squirrel peed on me? Definitely not me. So while we love our pets they tend to be kinda messy and not at all considerate about managing their output. So I’d really rather they not take up residence in our fort.

That being said here is our must do list:

  1. Put in the long lookout window facing the street
  2. Side the final triangle (it was going to be a window, but huge sheets of plexiglass are expensive, tricky to cut and we don’t feel like doing it)
  3. Waterproof the roof: this involves covering the seams with some black sticker thing that is rubber like. We also plan to paint the plywood roof with Duck Coat which makes a rubbery type membrane. My only beef is that it is bright white. Who wants a bright white roof? We are looking into see if it can be tinted or painted over….
  4. Caulk the largish gaps

Our should-do-list is much longer (latches for doors and windows and plenty more)… and our finish-do-list in the spring may be even longer yet.

We’ve hit a few setbacks. The first of which is math. Let’s be real, hardly anyone likes math. I took AP Stats in high school and lucked out of math all throughout college (hooray for nursing!) Not a day has gone by where I have missed doing math. The only math I actually like doing is calculating how much things cost after killer clearance sales. So when we were siding the front side of the fort and these were the cuts we had to make….

We weren’t exactly thrilled.

I will say though, we did these cuts and it fit like a glove. Let’s be honest Brett’s dad did most of the cutting and Brett and I were physically present. My dad always taught me to say we if you were casually around something successful and to clearly name the party if something went downhill. So when we did these cuts it only needed one tiny little shave before the whole thing fit.

Our other setbacks include our drill crapping out. It had lived a pretty decent life for being so cute and little. We found an awesome deal for a set including: a new drill, a sawzall and an impact driver (like a drill only it makes a really annoying noise while you screw things in- but is much easier to use). We used all of these tools for 2 days and then the impact driver crapped out. There was apparently no possibility of an exchange, just a return of all the tools. So now we are back to limping our drill along. It feels a lot like in college when Emily and I would take the stairs to our third floor dorm room to be healthy or something, but we’d really just wish we had taken the elevator. One of us would inevitably have to coach and coax the other that it really was less effort to do the final half flight of stairs than it would be to go back down a half flight and catch the elevator the rest of the way. If you can’t relate, I don’t know what to tell you – we were lazy. Anyway our drill is like that, it’s sorta capable but it’s heart really isn’t in it.

Here is Gideon modeling the doors:

My dad expressed concerns that we didn’t get his measurements before cutting the circle door. I told him we will just have to give him a good ole heave ho and hope for the best. If nothing else, getting stuck could be quite the diet plan. Not any worse than his previous diets, one of which included exclusively garbanzo beans and coffee.

It’s not all setbacks around here though. The wood scraps have been a hit with the kiddos. We set up a pretty sweet obstacle course with lots of jumping, balancing and even some backwards shuffling.not visable house number.jpg

We have managed to finish nearly all the siding and put on the circle door for the front hobbit entrance. I’ll save those pictures for next time. (This is the obnoxious part like on the radio where they say, “coming up top 5 reasons why Minnesota is the best ever” and  then it goes to commercial. You of course change it to another station, but a part of you doesn’t want to miss the top 5 reasons, but yet you feel like you are playing into their hand if you turn it back even a second before the commercials are over. You know of course in your head Minnesota is already awesome and these 5 reasons won’t really change your view of it, but sometimes you just want to feel awesome.) So yeah next time be prepared to see an awesome fort.





And you just might be getting had right now.


2 thoughts on “Setbacks on the way to the bare bones finish line…”

  1. I like how there are ads immediately after the end, too, like little commercials. I really am being had, everyone!

    I took Calc 2 at Hope and that pink paper of measurements looks just as intimidating to me. You have my respect!


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