Turns out winter comes early here in Minnesota.  It also turns out we are the kind of people who don’t really pay attention to the weather or the news… (I mean who really needs to know what’s going on in the world anyways). Luckily for us, people at work mention things like snow and presumably if Minnesota had natural disasters, they’d mention things like that (but they don’t, because very few hurricanes make their way to these parts). So yeah, we had heard talk of snow, but I just assumed it was that flukey rainy type snow that doesn’t last and then it goes back to being a perfectly lovely fall. It sorta looks/feels like winter out there…


I love how hidden the fort is though with all the bushes covered in snow. See the green leaves, the bushes must pay as much attention to the changing seasons as we do!

Our first pickle with an early winter is that we still need to paint the roof with the thing that makes it waterproof. And it can only dry in 35 + degree temps.

Our second pickle is that trying to quick finish things up in sleet is sorta down there on the not so fun scale. If taking the kiddos on a whim to Germany because you found a killer deal on flights is at the top of the fun scale, than this is definitely below that.

Our third pickle is that our garage is filled with wood and sawhorses and random crap from the fort building so that we can’t park the vehicles in the garage. We have always been the sort of people that get it together for winter because as much as we hate putting things away we really hate going out in the cold in the morning.

Levi found a nice comfortable wood/sawdust pile to play in that could not have been a more perfect place for losing his Legos.

Our fourth pickle is that Levi was really trying to keep us on track for a finish before the winter deadline. So we have now decided on a calendar winter deadline, you know the winter that starts two months into winter on December 21st? Yup that one.

Now that was a whole lot of talk about pickles for someone who has to trash all the fries that may have come into contact with not just the pickle but it’s offending juices.

Moving on here is the front:

The circle door is fully functioning. We just need to add the handle to open it and latch it closed. With practice I have found slightly less awkward ways to enter through it, though mostly I forget what method leads to an easy entry or exit until I find myself contorted in the doorway thinking to myself “well it sure wasn’t whatever I’m currently trying.”


I do love that it feels a little magical just like I was hoping! You can’t really see the seam, but on the top peak is where we added the last of the siding.


This is me the day we worked on finishing the final lookout window. We managed to finish it the next day, despite how much we love working with plexiglass. It looks homemade in the kind of way that Levi and Gideon will know how much we love them because they will see how hard we tried.

I still occasionally peruse Pinterest looking at things with keywords like “fort” or “hobbit hole” or “secret lair.” I stumbled upon the most hilarious advice about building a fort for your kids. Here are the highlights:

Obtain a good site (pretty sure directly below power lines and butting up to your neighbor’s fence could be considered otherwise)

Acquire competent fort plans (does a mellow yellow 3D model count?)

Hire a competent builder (does the free, offset the minimally competent?)

Next time I’ll snap some photos of the whole fort in it’s mostly prepped for winter state. For now here is a sneak peek at the interior:


Even the interior of the fort still thinks it’s fall!



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