Sample Paint Can

When I was toying with paint colors for the bar, I fell in love with a moody green swatch. But, having painted whole rooms before, only to end up not loving the result, then harboring a simmering hate for the paint color and then finally after a few years getting the umph to paint the whole thing again, I now sometimes buy sample paint cans. Well it turned out the color I loved, ‘Studio Blue Green’, was indeed beautiful but it also clashed quite wonderfully with the Palladian Blue color the rest of the basement was painted.

So I kept the 1 27/32 US Pint size can. (Also I know this is going to sound un-American. Maybe it’s because I am a nurse and have been fed all the metric system propaganda, but really 1 and 27/32nds of a pint seems a bit like crazy town measurements) Not long after painting the bar I got to thinking one day, we have a very tiny bathroom that I just might be able to cover with just a sample can of paint. Now mind you this is a Sherwin Williams sample paint can which has a handle and is both cheaper and bigger than a Benjamin Moore paint can, I’m just saying.

Here is a little before. My favorite parts? Why the brown of course. Who doesn’t love a paint color very much inspired by the business of the bathroom? Also you can see there is a soffit which already makes part of the ceiling lower than average in an already lower than average basement ceiling. So of course the paint only went part way up the wall. I’ve heard this can make rooms feel cozy… and boy was it working in here.


Just how tiny is our bathroom you might be wondering? It’s so tiny that my nephew once accidentally smeared poop on the wall as he turned around to grab toilet paper.

See all of the spare inches here from your knees hitting the wall while making use of the facilities?


Really all the mainstays in the bathroom were just fine. I’m not sure I’d pick them, but I don’t really dislike them enough to bother changing them. Some of the special features of the bathroom are really experiential and not something that can really be captured on film. For the first 4 years of living in our house if you turned on both the hot and cold at the same time it made this horribly loud clunking noise that rattled the pipes so you could hear it throughout the house. What did we do about this noise? We told people when they came over to choose hot or cold, not both. Turns out a valve was just partially closed. Someone mentioned it to me in passing. Guess how long it took Brett to fix? Two. Minutes. Well really two minutes and 4 years.

Speaking of the faucet that brings me to the next feature. The hot and cold are mixed up. This is going to take longer than 5.5 years to fix at this point. The faucet leads to the third and final feature: The shape of the sink bowl sprays water with force directly on the drywall. Which the drywall doesn’t love or maybe it does because it gets so delighted it makes bubbles on the surface of the drywall…

Ohh I forgot, one more special feature and a sneak peak of the paint color. This little door leads to one of our outside water shut offs and is open to the crawl space. The idea here was to make it go away and hopefully have the kids not notice it. When we bought the house it didn’t even have a door, it was more of a open concept, bring the outdoors in kind of thing.


Spoiler alert: the sample paint can totally covered the walls.I’ll have all the pretty afters up real soon!


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