De-nastifying the laundry room (you know making it not so nasty)

The walls in the laundry room in addition to being ugly are also really wonky. They have  some weird type of textured drywall. Not textured like orange peel, but more like the section of wall next to my brother’s bunk bed growing up. If no one had disgusting brothers and am not sure what I’m talking about, imagine being too lazy to get a kleenex. For your entire childhood. And imagine having a wall conveniently located next to your bed. Good luck getting that mental picture out of your head. If you are wondering if his hygiene has improved… it has marginally, enough to find a wife, so that’s something.

The walls also have some massive holes and unfinished drywall. So really the walls need significantly more love than I cared to give them. Mudding and taping and really anything drywall is the pits. In the middle of our 9 month master bath reno, we ended up having someone do the drywall and the place went from feeling hopeless to having real walls! All that to say neither Brett nor I like doing drywall or really have even passable skills.

So what then? Horizontal boards! I found this awesome Shiplap Tutorial that uses thin boards that make it not only significantly cheaper, but also much easier to secure than traditional shiplap. Of course the Home Depots around here don’t carry the Bender board she used (basically MDF boards), but we were able to find a good alternative. We bought a few 4×8 sheets of plywood 1/4 inch thick and had them cut it into 4 inch wide planks.

Here is the inspiration picture of the planks:


So no real shock here, but for colors I am avoiding any orange in the new laundry room design. Even seemingly innocent colors like coral, which may be unfairly judged since it is part pink, is just too risky.

I landed on Sherwin Williams ‘Alabaster’ for all of the walls/boards. It is a really great warm white that doesn’t read sad in spaces with no natural light. We used it in our master bath and I love it. For a warm white it does not have any yellow undertones, making it a really lovely white.

Of course I do want some color so I picked ‘Connor’s Lakefront’ for the old fish tank base/cabinet. I was originally thinking  navy, but then it just seemed too dark in an already kinda dark space. Did I get all the paint I would need from a sample can? Why of course I did!


I usually gravitate towards any and every combination of blue green, so I thought for once I’d go with more of a true blue color. It’s bright and lively, but rich enough to anchor the cabinet.

If you don’t recall this is the lovely fish tank base/cabinet in need of some TLC. Inside of it we store all our paint cans, stains and miscellaneous crap that the kids hide in there. And the top of course we use to fold laundry on.


I already painted the base cabinet. Shocking I know. I’m actually moving semi-quickly for once. When the paint was still wet it looked a little bit electric (like the perfect color for a roller rink). It was hard to determine if the color just clashed horribly with the still very orange walls or if it was just going to be the wrong color. It turned out drying much darker and I quite like it…except for all the parts I went back and touched up. I didn’t feel like stirring my sample paint can so I gave it a few half-hearted shakes. Turns out I should have given it some hearty stirs since you can clearly see a different shade of the color everywhere I touched up.

Bummer. See kids, being lazily optimistic does not always pan out. In fact you can often save a few seconds and hassle only to make much more work for yourself down the road.

Lesson likely not learned.

So after the cabinet was painted the laminate countertop started to look a wee bit ugly. The previous owners had just found a random laminate countertop remnant and just set it on top. It’s perfectly functional, just sort of a bad fake green granite. I found this cheap contact paper on Amazon that I plan to cover the laminate countertop with when it arrives.

That’s all for now I’ll show you some progress just as soon as we make some!


Orange. Why would any reasonable person ever choose orange?

Let me introduce you to the ugliest space in our house, painted arguably the ugliest color in existence.


It’s not just the particular shade of orange that I find assaultingly ugly, it’s that I’m not really convinced I could love orange under any circumstance. I take that back. Orange in a sunset is a win. Orange anywhere interior, yeah not so much.

So a little background on the space: It’s half unfinished / half crap slapped up on the walls. It is a combo room; part storage, part laundry, part utility. You walk through this space to get from the bar (far right) to the back stairs.


So from this picture the laundry is under the stairs, the folding table straight ahead and storage racks on the right.

So you might be wondering did it come this ugly or did we play a role in the unsightliness? Well I can assure you we played no part in the color choice, we did however make some additions to the overall sorry state of the place. That huge pipe sticking out of the wall? Yup. When we did our master bath reno (above this space), some plumbing changed, leaving a new spectacularly large hole in the wall.


We also took out the 100 gallon built in fish tank and slapped up some spare drywall. Now here is where it gets a little sad. We put up drywall that had a massive hole cut out of it because we really didn’t care… So yes I am afraid we do bear some of the blame.


This room is the only place we really had to add in some gorilla racks to store kids clothes and toys. I like to do a toy rotation, which basically means after the 1000th time Gideon throws a particular toy all over the ground, I say let’s get out some different toys! But because I am a tricky mom, sometimes we box it up and then I donate said obnoxious toy. Sneakily, very sneakily. I also use it as an opportunity for the boys to pick up a crap ton of toys to put away in order to get out one toy we haven’t had out in awhile. The kids are not so good at math. A few more bins would really help this area out.


A few last features: You may notice there are also multiple holes in the ceiling and the light fixtures are really something special.

We have not one but 2 different laminates on the floor.

So you might be left wondering what does this sorry little laundry room have going for itself? Let me tell you. First there is this amazing patch of floor right by the folding area that heats up when the boiler runs. It’s truly magic. My brother says it is due to some pipe and inefficiencies with our heating, but let me tell you, laundry does not have many perks and this is a serious perk.


Second, the folding table. It was the base of the fish tank that the previous owners threw a counter top on. I love having somewhere to fold right in the laundry room. Growing up we always folded clothes on the kitchen table. My mom was quite the accomplished grown-up because her kitchen table was actually routinely clean enough to fold clothes on. I really enjoy not having to clean another space to do a task I already don’t feel much like doing.

The third and final perk of the space is a few small functional things we have added:

  • A little shelf, under the stairs for detergent
  • An ironing board/iron holder, in the off chance we actually iron
  • A hanging rod to hang up clothes (we stole it from our closet that we redid).

Tune in soon for the plans and inspiration for where this space is headed.

I will caution you, don’t get your hopes up on seeing an after of this project anywhere in the near future. This is exactly how the space looks currently and goodness knows I’ve been scamming you lately with projects that were mostly done awhile ago and just needed a few finishing touches.