Skipping ahead

So if you remember from the last post we are focusing our energies on this part of the laundry room first. It is the more “finished” of the two parts since it has complete walls (now), a ceiling and flooring.

laundry room first leg.jpg

DSC_0156Nevermind that the flooring is hodge-podged together with a solid pebble inspired linoleum covering the whole room and parts of the floor (only the parts deemed fancy enough) have a grayish peel and stick linoleum tile on top. Though of course there are some parts of the floor that refuse to be tamed and are just bare chunks of concrete sticking out. So wild. So free.


The ceiling on the other hand has a surplus of wires and massive holes. If that doesn’t sound like your dream ceiling, did I mention it is popcorn too?!

So we will used “finished” in a some-attempts-were-made sense, instead of how you might traditionally consider a room finished space with things like complete ceilings and solid floors.

While we fully intend to fix the floors and the ceiling, it also just sounds like a lot of work right now… and we just finished a lot of work with the plywood planks… so instead I am focusing on how to make it pretty and functional! Hands down this is what I love to dream up and what actually makes me go through the work involved with projects. In addition to making things more visually appealing, my second love is making the room’s organization so much more functional. While I hate cleaning I do sort of love organizing.

So first in the pretty-it-up process is painting the boards white (Alabaster to be more specific).


I’ve only done one coat so far. I decided to paint it before filling in all the little nail holes with caulk to be sure I actually cared enough to fill them in.


Yup the holes need filling, but at least I didn’t waste my time filling them all in, only to find out I don’t actually care and did all sorts of work unnecessarily. You might also notice some orange peeking through on some of the bigger spaces between boards. When I do my next coat I’m going to hopefully rid the walls of any evidence of orange. I think I might end up needing to run a razor blade between some cracks too as you can see on the picture on the right.

The other thing I’m dreaming up is adding two very special antiques. They are from my Aunt Janet who passed a few years back. She was a collector of old things and a true kindred spirit with an incredibly kind heart. She was the kind of person who I had to be careful not to say I liked anything in her house too enthusiastically because the next time I saw her she’d have it set by the door for me to take home. So I’ve had these two antiques just sitting on storage racks until I finally got to working on the laundry room.


First up this beautiful old brass iron.


Next up is this hand crank that is just lovely. I especially love the warmth of the wood in the white space. Now I just need to find the perfect spot for them. And to find the perfect way to hold them on the wall because they are hefty.

Next up I am dreaming of maximizing organization. In this little nook I am thinking we could use these bins from Ikea for our toys currently out of rotation. We already have these in the garage for storage and I love them. They are super sturdy and a little flexible. And biggest bonus of all is that they come in at 22 7/8 inches wide and our little nook is 23 inches wide! And don’t worry about imagining it because I mocked it up in Paint for you.


Hopefully next time the little bits of orange hanging on will be a distant memory,,,



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