Fails thus Far

I’ve been MIA for a bit because both the boys had strep. The fun kind where one has it and finally gets better only for the other one to get it. Pretty much my favorite way to do any kind of illness – never ending- who can’t get on board with that!

But we are finally healthy and pretending it is spring!


After recouping we decided to finally get back on the laundry room train.

Now in your worldview there might be a right way and wrong way to do things. For me there is another way that just seems like less of a hassle and gets the ball moving faster. It’s not wrong perse, it’s actually a very good option for right now. Could it lead to significantly more work down the road? Sure, but could I get lucky? You never know.

In college my roommate and I would talk about being kind to our future selves. You know, writing that 8 page paper I desperately didn’t want to, so that future Brittany could live her life free from the suffering of a looming paper deadline. I didn’t often choose future Brittany. It turns out I love current Brittany much more and I am kinda a jerk and could care less about the crap I am setting her up for tomorrow. (Pretty sure there is real science to back this up. Case in point)

So that being said, after I did the initial coat of white on the planks I was feeling good. It wasn’t until I took pictures that I realized just how much orange was peeking through between the boards. Was this avoidable? Sure. I could have painted the walls before putting the planks up, but I hope you are catching the theme by now, it seemed like an unnecessary hassle at the time.

That left us with the now much more laborious task of getting paint into all the tiny cracks. Lucky for me, my two brothers who live close by, they have an insane amount of tools. We borrowed a small paint sprayer to spray in between all of the boards.


We sprayed at ridiculously close range, maybe 1-2 inches away. I don’t know if it was because it was a little sprayer or not a huge amount of paint coming out, but it did not gunk up the seams between the boards like I thought it would. It was still a decent amount of work, but manageable.

I also caulked all the seams. And every. single. nail. hole. Which is satisfying to see, but takes close to forever. I’ll throw some side by sides up here so I can feel accomplished.


Pretend you can tell. The left is the before ( I know- you already knew that. Because how could you not know) the right is the after. Again I still need to clean out some excess paint in between the boards, but the caulking- amazing right?!

Now for another side by side. This time of the cracks between the planks.


This you can actually tell right?

I also finished up the final coat covering all the boards last night.

Well friends – until next time – when you can see the latest fail. Don’t worry there will be marginal improvement so you don’t have to leave feeling sad. Like in Anne of Green Gables: “Isn’t it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”

Except for the part where we already screwed up something else, but haven’t fixed it yet.



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