Laundry Room Wrap Up

So unlike a finished project, this is a wrap up. It’s where you don’t really see an end in sight, but you’ve got to get your room back together and you decide to be practical and realistic and look back at your historical likelihood of being done any time soon and realize vacuuming the sawdust could help.

Let me show you the last two things we finished up:

First up the built in shelf nook. Now I don’t want to brag, but one of my friends, and I quote, stated that I have “truly legendary MS Paint skills.” Let me show you a side by side of the Paint mock-up next to the real life version. Don’t feel bad if you can’t tell which is which:

This is like a cereal box quiz: You can find the answer at the bottom of the post.

Making the shelves was actually fairly simple. We used 1 x 2 boards and screwed them into the wall, trying to hit studs to make them sturdy. We measured to make sure there was enough space between shelves for the bins to easily fit with some toys sticking out. We also wanted the first shelf to be high enough so we could neatly tuck our wood step stool underneath.

For the actual shelf we used the same wood (called project board from Lowe’s) that we used for the cabinet top. Here are a few steps we did that I would highly recommend skipping.

  1. Buy a wonky board because its the only one they’ve got at the Lowe’s on Brett’s way home from work
  2. Decide it’s not so bad
  3. Cut all the shelves out of it
  4. Realize it really does look wonky, but know that it’s much too late to return
  5. Finally make up your mind that, yeah you should really buy a new one
  6. Remember the reason you never shop at Lowe’s is because it is no where near your house
  7. Drag your kids to Lowe’s on the same evening that you attempted to go to Teddy Bear Park only to find out it wasn’t open for the season yet, but to make up for it you took them to another less cool park, where they only got to play for 5 minutes, because the newly potty trained 2 year old says he has to go potty- and not the kind that can be done on a tree trunk, then both kids take turns ramming the cart into things/each other and melting down while you really just want to buy a single board that isn’t crazy warped.


So when I stained the base cabinet top I used Minwax Early American as the stain color. I also used wood conditioner for the first time ever. I had heard it was a good idea for light woods in order to evenly soak up the stain. It turns out that the wood conditioner made quite the difference because for the shelf supports I decided just to stain them without first using the wood conditioner. It turned out terrible. It was a real dark brown, which was exactly what I did not want. (Cue memories of all the dark wood in the basement that was fake distressed with hammering dings and screw indents)

So again another step to skip: Start staining the shelf supports and realize you hate the color, carry on full steam ahead. After finishing, decide that you truly hate it and sand them all down.

You can see that dark brown in the corners in the picture above.

But alas I got it all stained, we put the shelves in, which was a bit of a doozy of course since nothing is straight, but we made it work, cheating the front so it is straight, even if it leaves a bit of a gap in the back.


The other storage solution that I finished up today was organizing the bins for the gorilla rack. Last weekend I sprayed the gorilla rack matte black to go with some of the other hits of black in the space. I also bought all the same color bins like a crazy person. We actually own loads of storage bins, but I have them filled with baby clothes/things, which I happily lend out, but can’t quite manage to give away completely.

I did decide though that I would only use this rack for useful storage that I need more often, like hand me downs for Gideon from Levi. Whatever leftover space would be for toys that are out of rotation.

Beautiful right? Now in my dream world, would I have found bins that exactly matched the cabinet? Of course, but they don’t exist. Also here is a hot tip, if you paint chalkboard paint on bins it won’t stay, but little sticker labels did the trick.

So we are calling it good for now. Are there still significant holes in the ceiling? Sure. Is the flooring still hodgepodge with patches of concrete poking through? Well of course. Did I not get to put all the pretty things up? Sadly yes.

I’ll show you the last of the odds and ends that will eventually make the laundry room complete.

Image result for ikea hektarTarkett® Vibe Sheet Vinyl 12 Ft Wide

This pretty light is from Ikea. I bought it already on a whim, not sure where exactly it will land yet. The floor is a vinyl from Menards that looks like a nice a neutral, but not tacky or dopey- like most that I looked at.

leaning edge matte black wall hook.AUGUST

The black hook is from CB2 and will look awesome next to the new matte black clothes hanger. Brett bought me the print on the right from Jenny’s Print Shop for Mother’s day. (So maybe I actually ordered it, but it was on Mother’s Day, so might as well be a present)

Bari Natural Fiber Rug - Safavieh® : TargetNorth Rustico / Lighthouse / Shanty / Prince Edward Island /

The rug is from Target and could make a nice runner next to the washer and dryer, but I haven’t bought it yet, because I am a bit undecided. The picture on the right is from Prince Edward Island along the shore. I grew up watching the movies with my dad and  the two of us are finally taking a father daughter trip there together in late summer. You could say we are kindred spirits. I thought this print above the folding table just might fill me with nostalgia and warm happy thoughts.

So with that our basement is less of a disaster zone after a number of months and we are switching gears to outside.

We’ve got big plans including a patio (done by someone other than us!), a pergola, and picking back up with the fort! Stay tuned folks.






Answer: The one on the left is the mock up. The one on the right is the real deal.


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