The Backyard Makeover is about to Begin

With the much anticipated arrival of spring we are finally making our way outdoors! Every year I make the kiddos take a picture in front of this bush. My app I downloaded last fall said it was a service berry, but I really have no clue. It was a little late in the season when I decided I wanted to identify every plant in our yard. I may have waited until all the leaves fell off and then the app was surprisingly not that good at guessing what things were.

It’s the first thing that flowers every spring and it makes me all kinds of happy. Here is  this year:


What kind of mother would I be if I didn’t force the kids to enjoy the things I do. See they love it, you can see how they are just about tearing up with delight over the years.

Now that I’ve gotten completely distracted, the purpose of this post is actually to show you our backyard plans. Now if you were with me back in July I detailed the plans in this post. The inspiration is the same, but the layout has been altered, along with some of the details

So originally we were thinking this kind of configuration. The patio was going to go where the last splintery, rotten deck had been. It seemed cozy in the corner and I think because something had been there I was kind of stuck on the idea of replacing it.


Luckily for me, winter was long and I had lots of time to think through what would be the best use of space. One of the things I kept thinking about was how the design above didn’t really connect the three doors- the shed, the backdoor of the house and the sun room door. It also left the grass area in an L shape without lots of room to play a game of soccer or lawn games. Now granted our backyard will never be huge, but at the end of the day I want it to be a space we can enjoy as a family.

So as soon as it warmed up ever so slightly, the kiddos and I ventured out to the backyard so I could make tracks in the snow to outline my new layout idea for the patio.

So here is the new mock-up. It is oriented the same way as the one before, just much more zoomed in. It looks very much like a whale when I look at it now.

patio with adds and labels

The bulk of the patio is on the left with it transitioning to more of a path to the new steps down to the sunroom. When I am thinking through something this big and permanent I like to think of how the space will be used and what I would want to fill the space.

Major changes/perks:

  1. Connects the shed, house and sunroom
  2. The patio path will cover the always dead grass next to the house
  3. The final holdout of rotten wood will be ripped out an replaced with stone steps
  4. More connected grass for playing

Let me show you some real shots of the backyard so you can see its current state.


The amount of labor was really beginning to add up. Not only was there the significant amount of digging down for the patio base, there was the removing of a giant dirt hill, and the removal of the wood steps. All of that labor was only to lay the ground work, not to actually make it pretty.

Shoutout to my co-worker John who thoroughly convinced me to hire the job out after describing in detail the unbelievable amount of backbreaking work that building a patio entails. The other major bummer for our backyard is that there is no way to get any kind of big equipment in to lighten the load. Just lots of manual labor and long wheelbarrow routes. I told Brett we should at least get some quotes and then see if after getting them we feel motivated to do it ourselves.

Yup. Still not motivated, despite the cost.

Here you can see the current wood steps running the length of the sun room. These are coming out. They are mostly rotted since they were built right on top the dirt. We will carry the existing retaining wall over to where the new steps in front to the door will be.


Here is the view from inside the sunroom. The new steps will instead be 36 inches wide. You can sort of see the spray painted line for the new path and patio. The patio will go up to the retaining wall on the right of the picture. That wall will come out, so it will hopefully be a seamless transition from the patio to the new flat grass.


This is the retaining wall that is coming out. A new retaining wall will follow the fence line to hold back the neighbor’s dirt from our new flattened out hill.


Here is one final view from the shed door, looking towards the sun room.


Here are the materials we picked out:

  • Holland Pavers: Fieldstone- I really wanted classic pavers, since they always look good and age beautifully. I just couldn’t get on the stamped concrete train because it can go wrong in so many ways and it just doesn’t have the same feel.
  • Diamond Retaining Wall in Desert Tan- except a beefier block and flat front. Brett felt strongly about the flat front and I didn’t really care/couldn’t really figure out what he was talking about. When we were picking things out I told the guy helping us we were looking for affordable and not too fancy. When I asked him how much a stacked stone retaining wall was he simply told me ” Oh it’s fancy.”
  • Chilton stone step- now this was reasonably fancy. It was just so pretty I couldn’t pass it up and it wasn’t that much more than the concrete steps made to look like stone.



We absolutely cannot wait for them to get started. The guy we hired thought they’d be able to start the beginning of June and that the whole thing would take 4-5 days. Both parts of that seem kinda bonkers. If we were doing this ourselves we likely would need a number of more weeks to gear up for it and then just a few short years to actually complete it.

I’ll keep you in the loop as things get going!



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