The Patio: Part 1

When I last left you we were on the brink of getting a patio. Spoiler: we have one now.  In order for you to  living vicariously through the whole process I will break it down day by day. This whole shebang took 6 days, and I am going to walk you through day 1-3, so buckle up.

Day 1- You can see our nice post holes covered in case of rain. The back hill completely flattened out and the wooden steps removed, but they are covered with the trap so you will have to imagine dirt that looks like it recently had steps on it.

Brett worked from home this day, because we were down a vehicle, but it was also a major perk that he could be there for the first day. Except that Brett felt weird about snapping me updates of people working throughout the day, so it was hardly even worthwhile. It’s not exactly like the workers could call the cops for a peeping tom, we live here, not that we wouldn’t still be creepy, but also not exactly illegal….I’m just saying I was pretty jazzed that my backyard dreams were happening and I only got one picture at work and it was mostly of my kitchen window. For Pete’s sake, up the creep factor at least slightly, Brett.


Day 2- Our backyard is a bit of a doozy to get any equipment in and out of, so they actually took off part of the fence.


They dug out around the sunroom so that they could regrade the yard to flow away from the sunroom, have sufficent space for stone steps and get set up for the retaining wall.

New dirt mounds from the excess dirt. The patio was dug down and gravel placed.

So first thing in the morning on day 2 we got a bit of a curveball thrown our way. Now originally we were going to put in the concrete in the holes we dug for the pergola posts before the paver guys ever came, but then we were really unsure of what height everything would land at and didn’t want concrete sticking up or the concrete too far down. So we had just the holes dug and cardboard tubes placed when they came.

The contractor tells Brett that they want to do brick right up to the posts so it will look seamless. Great I totally want things pretty too. But the flip side of that was the concrete needed to be done by the next day. (To be fair it was what we had originally agreed we woudl do, since the pergola is our project we are taking on) That left Brett renting a truck from Home Depot after work to bring home 24 bags of concrete. Did you know concrete bags weigh 80 pounds a piece? Let me save you the hassle of calculating, we got 1,920 pounds of concrete. Don’t worry the fun didn’t stop there, we needed to unload these bags, get them in the back and then actually do the work of mixing and setting the concrete in the holes.

Lucky for us we had a series of fortunate events.

First- Brett conned two friends to help. Matt and Brad, who now whenever they hear “what are you up to tonight?” will always have an answer at the ready, so as to avoid this very thing ever again.

Second- The guys working on the patio were still here when Brett got back with the concrete and they 1-fork lifted the nearly ton of concrete out of the truck and 2- let us use their powered wheelbarrow thing.


This meant Matt, Brad and I (Brett was returning the truck), just had to somehow manage to lift the bags from the pallet into the muck-truck and get them to the backyard. I used every muscle hugging/balancing/back lifting to do my part.

Matt did the driving of the muck-truck to the backyard pretty expertly given that our yard has hills and slopes in every direction.  He also really had to manhandle the thing to drive it, which was quite amusing to watch except for when getting a little too cute and trying to turn while driving and got somewhat close to tipping the 800 pound load. But at 2/3 the mass of me, he managed it far better than I could have hoped to.

Third Perk- my brother Josh happens to have a cement mixer, that we were able to pick up and borrow (Now if you have been reading this blog for any length of time and are wondering is there any tool/equipment that guy doesn’t own? So far no. He has a massive shop, filled with all the things. It’s like having a vacation house minus the destination and the vacation.)

We did all the concrete, my mom put the boys to bed and we all celebrated with a drink.

Whoa that was a long day 2. Moving on.

Day 3- The backyard is full of equipment and they started  the retaining wall along the fence.

Here is the start of the other retaining wall and steps to the sunroom.

And here is picture of the kiddos, who clearly have no problem checking out the work being done. Gideon wanted a better view so he grabbed himself a stool to see better. See Brett, the kid’s know how to creep.


As soon as I get around to compiling the rest of the pictures I’ll get us from day 4 to patio! Until next time.





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