Levi’s Room: The Origin Story

You know how all these movies are coming out with prequels or origin stories? To know this room you have to know where it came from. Who knows maybe I’ll even put these posts in perfectly random order like Star Wars. Who cares about sequence or being able to refer to them in any kind of way that makes sense. (Disclaimer I really know very little about Star Wars, so I am not sure why I led with this, but I swear origin story comes from that…)

Okay moving on.

When we bought the house this room was painted a truly awful shade of green. It was our guest bedroom and the place we stored stuff we didn’t really need or want, but were to lazy to do anything about, until I got pregnant with Gideon. Then it needed to get ready for Levi to move into.

So I decided to do what any half-brained person would do.

Make a chevron pattern.

I don’t know if you remember they were totally cool in 2014. That may not be entirely true, I think they were cool earlier and I was a little late to this chevron train, but don’t worry I hopped on.

You see I didn’t feel like going through the hassle of painting the whole room, so instead I decided to keep the horrible green and paint a terribly complicated chevron pattern. A pattern so fun that I used multiple rolls of painter’s tape and a cardboard template. (Geometry is hard and chevrons are not kind to the non-angle loving persons).

So here is the room on move in day. What a beaut. Did I mention the former homeowners painted all the trim white in the house, except in this room. You see they only had one kid, so alas they never got around to it.


Here it is after the chevron was added, that completely distracts from the green color (except for when it doesn’t because sometimes it won’t. I’m sad to say that bang ups and hangups can happen to you – You know Dr. Seuss’s  Oh The Places You’ll Go, perfect for any life moment). The picture above is much more representative of the true color.


Clearly the adorable two year distracts from the green, but I never thought for a single day that the green wasn’t at least a little vomit inducing.

So apart from the green color, there were other parts of the room I didn’t love. I originally had the bed in the middle of the room, not entirely sure why, but when we moved it next to the wall to allow for some play space, the antlers stayed hung weirdly over nothing..

Then I got a free giftcard and bought a shelf for no good reason and decided we should totally put it in Levi’s room. I dunno, it always seemed busy and heavy in an already dark room. He lucked into our nice dresser that didn’t fit anywhere in the master bedroom.

And yes I made Levi take a picture in every part of his new room. We were pitching it pretty hard- how fun it was going to be to get a brother and move to a new room!


Then there were a few parts of his room that while cute, were 100% not functional. There was a tee-pee that fell down everyday, mostly because I just tied some ropes together, draped a drop cloth over it and had no clue how to actually make it able to withstand even the slightest touch. It was a constant source of annoyance, paired with relative disinterest from the kiddos.

There was also this great small table I got from a garage sale for 3 bucks. It had a map that was probably originally modge-podged on that was coming off, but looked kind of cool. Here is where this also gets stupid. In order for it to work as a bookshelf, I would prop all the books up and then get them to stay upright with bricks because there were no sides to the shelf on the table. I painted the bricks to look like books (quite cost effective bookends really). I’m not sure what exactly I thought would happen, but my neat book display was vandalized nearly every day, but also there was the added bonus of my two year old trying to hurt himself with bricks that some crazy lady put in his room. Who puts bricks in their kid’s room and then hopes they don’t hurt themselves?! If you are considering this, I’d say kids come up with their own bad ideas with alarming frequency, no need to introduce any unnecessary danger in the name of bookends that double as weapons.


I don’t know about you, but whenever winter hits I always get this strong need to either re-do a room or rearrange some furniture. I am completely willing to live with a nonsensical furniture arrangement just for the sake of changing it up. Ask my poor roomie from college about when we slept head to head and ended up stealing each other’s pillows or when we had to crawl under a bed to get to the bathroom.

This project started very much the same. One afternoon, about a week ago, I was annoyed that our books were all over the place. So I called my mom to see if they had a bookcase they didn’t want anymore. Sure enough they did! It had books on it, but my mom said, no she really didn’t want it and she would clean them all off so I could pick it up that afternoon.

That of course snowballed into deciding I should really re-do the whole thing. So I cleared everything out into the hallway and started unscrewing things and patching holes. I figured in case I was feeling lazy in a few days the white Spackle on the wall would inspire me to paint.

It worked because we are just about done painting now. I’ll show you my plans and progress soon!




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