Levi’s Room: The Final Chapter

In some ways it seems silly to post the reveal photos, what with the basically 3D renderings I showed last time.

But alas we finished! It only took a little over a month, but his room was sleep-able all but 1 night while painting, and the hallway was only littered with miscellaneous stuff pushed out of his room, at perfect shin whacking height, for 2-3 weeks tops. So given all that, I’d call this a wild success.

Here is a look at the bed wall. If the antlers look slightly off centered, it’s because they are. The bed got moved out slightly when we were putting curtains up and it was not budging one tiny bit as a I attempted to repeatedly heave it back towards the window. The bed frame is a real bear. I shouldn’t complain because we found it free in our attic after a year or two of living here, but it is metal and has these amazing metal bars that poke out about 8 inches beyond the end of the bed. You can only imagine how Brett and I laugh and laugh as we’ve racked our shins on it over the years. But I digress, it looks pretty!


Over his little nightstand stool is a Harry Potter quote. “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” I found it on Etsy and got it despite the fact that Levi can’t read yet.

Here is another angle, facing the window. Funny story about the curtains. Target was having a 30% off sale on curtains and I was a bit undecided on what I wanted. So I bought a bazillion dollars worth of curtains, so I could make sure whatever I liked I bought on sale. Guess which curtain I could only buy one of because they were conveniently out of stock? This really isn’t that hard… it’s the one I ended up liking and choosing. (You saw that coming I hope.) So of course when it came back in stock the sale was only half as good, but the blow was softened by returning a crap tone of curtains and getting my money back.


I originally intended to paint the whole window white (not the glass, hopefully obliviously), but then Brett being the thinker he is, asked how I was going to do that in the winter. You see I never even considered that. I would likely have just painted the windows while closed, only to never haven them open again. So then I decided I’d just paint the trim around the window. It looks kinda dopey. I’m going to write here that in the spring I’ll paint the whole thing, but you and I both know I won’t. Chances are it will stay this way until we replace the window, which needs doing, but again likely won’t happen for some time. Do I think painting part of it white makes the whole thing look a bit ridiculous and it would have been better left all wood? Sure. But I had already gotten white paint all over the trim while painting the walls, so the hassle factor was definitely up there.


I found these adorable wood circle hooks from CB2 and hung his adventurer explorer stuff left over from his former room. I thought it added a bit of whimsy to what is now a pretty clean/slightly more sparse room. I wanted to incorporate some of the things he loves best of all in his room: Harry Potter, How to Train your Dragon, and Pokemon. Pokemon didn’t get any artwork, but Levi always leaves his decks of Pokemon cards littered all over the floor, so it seemed to be fairly represented.


Here is a hot tip for having your kid help you decorate his room. For picking out art, I treated it like having a toddler; show him all pre-approved options and then let him pick whatever one he wants! Levi mostly didn’t care, but liked being involved. Gideon on the other hand was very concerned and I quote: “Will Levi’s room be more beautiful than mine?” So I have solemnly sworn to make sure his room is equally beautiful.

This is Toothless from Dragon Riders, the Netflix show, based off the How to Train your Dragon Movies. Levis is stoked about the third movie coming out soon! I’ll bet you didn’t even notice the plant or dragon though, because you were so distracted by how beautifully caulked that chair rail is! Caulking is real bear, but I do think it helps make the room look more polished and complete. I did it for all the baseboards too which never had the nail holes filled in or the tops caulked. (I mostly just added that in because it took forever. I know full well you don’t care, but it’s my blog, so tough luck.)


To the left is Levi’s closet which we converted half of into a little reading nook. I got this great leather chair from World Market that I have been loving forever on a Black Friday sale. The bookcase is from my mom which really helped jump start the whole room change.


Behind the door we added back some hooks that had previously been in the closet. Levi owns exactly 2 clothes that requiring hanging up, so for now we will just hang them behind the door. Assuming he ever grows tired of exclusively wearing comfy pants and T-shirts we can adapt the closet to work.


I picked up this old mail sorter in Holland, Michigan a few years back. Levi and I just picked out a bunch of pictures of him and his friends and family, so he can display them on there. But for now just a few essentials. I know what you are thinking. I went on and on about having bricks in a kids room was a dumb idea. Yes a whip is significant more dumb. He got it from his grandpa and loves to set up traps with it. So far no injuries to report.


Levi was home sick with a fever the better part of this past week, meaning I finally got around to cleaning up and taking some pictures of the finished space on Thursday. Brett and I finished the closet shelves moments ago, but I didn’t feel like taking pictures again, so use your imagination and picture two more equal shelves built above the one shown. We used Lowe’s project boards and I stained the shelves using a natural stain, to keep them nice and light.  We have a laundry hamper on the floor, and then those wood crates you can get from Michael’s or wherever, holding too small or too big clothes. We will probably throw pillows up on very top shelf.


All together I am really happy with it. Levi wants the back of his door painted a fun color, but he is still waffling between yellow and turquoise. I’ll post a picture when he decides and I’ve painted it. The only other update down the road would be getting a trundle bed. I think it would work really nice for sleepovers and what not, but that may be a ways down the road!

Not sure what our next project will be, but don’t worry when I know, you’ll know.




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